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Register and Recruit

Register Your Company

The first step is to register your organization with our office. You will need to provide a description of the tasks that will be assigned during the three work terms a co-op student will be with you.

Upon receipt of your registration, you will be contacted by a representative from the Engineering Professional Practice program. Arrangements will be made for you to review, interview, and select the student(s) you feel are most suited to the work you have and to your work location.

If your participation is to begin, say, the first of the calendar year, you may want to consider attending the Engineering Expo during the fall semester. This provides an opportunity for you to talk informally with students and then have a more formal, private interview the following day. The fair allows you access to the maximum number of students in every major relevant to your co-op position(s).

Generally, a limited number of students are available to interview at other times of the year. Regardless of when you would like a co-op student to start work, you should notify our office as soon as you know you have a need so you can select from the maximum number of students available. Your timing will be critical to your success in hiring students whose skills match your needs.

Recruit Our Students

Fall and Spring Engineering Expos

  • Primary method to recruit students on campus
  • Employers register and attend the expo
  • Interviews held the day after the expo
    • Students are pre-selected during advisement process
    • Pre-selection ensures students meet program and employer requirements
    • We provide assistance in setting up interviews

Post Openings in our Web-Based System

  • Secondary method of student recruitment
  • Our advisors screen students and notify them about positions that may be a good fit for them
  • Resumes gathered and sent to the employer

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