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Amber Hiscock

Amber Hiscock

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering
  • Company: Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc., Naval Air Systems Command
  • Graduation Year: 2024
  • E-mail:


Completed a 1 year co-op in 2022 in the Instrument Cluster Division at Denso Manufacturing Tennessee. We made Instrument Clusters for industry leading automotive companies. I worked in the Production Engineering Final Assembly department which was responsible for the design, completion, and maintenance of the assembly lines. Some of my primary responsibilities were the maintenance and creation of the mistake proof checks, and assisting lead engineers with the merging of two production lines into one to create a more efficient factory.

My second experience was a summer 2023 internship with Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) at Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS JAX). For NAVAIR I worked with the F-5 Structures group to complete depot level maintenance on United States Navy aircraft. The primary function of this group was to problem solve any structural issues that came up during this process.

Through both of these work experiences I gained a passion for manufacturing as well as aircraft structures. These opportunities have led me to pursue further education. After graduation I hope to attend graduate school focusing on fracture mechanics and fatigue.

The reason I decided to take a year long co-op was because I needed a change of pace from school. When I took this co-op I never thought it would be so beneficial to both my educational and professional career. By doing a year long co-op I was able to work on longer and larger projects that made a real difference to the company. It also allowed me to make stronger professional relationships that later helped me when applying for other positions. This has also been an invaluable experience to add to my resume as most companies prefer at least a year of experience when hiring.

Co-ops and internships are a great way to figure out what you are passionate about. The internships you don't enjoy can be just as valuable as those you do. The NAVAIR internship provided me with my first aerospace industry experience and it made me realize that it is definitely what I want to do!

Some other fun facts about me, I am a member of the University of Tennessee Equestrian Team. I also have two personal horses at school with me which provides a great escape from school when I need it. When I am not at work, school, or with my horses, you can find me hanging out with my friends or hanging out by the pool. I am also a big UT sports fan, Football, Basketball, Baseball, you name it!

Amber Hiscock

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