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Chris Leonard

Christopher Leonard


I worked three co-op rotations at Sabic Innovative Plastics in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. This polycarbonate manufacturing plant produces the plastics that go in things such as car bumpers, fighter-jet canopies, and power tool shells. My first rotation was in a polycarbonate extrusion plant focused on process improvement. I worked in a phenolics refinery plant during my second term at Sabic with a focus on the maintenance and reliability of process equipment. I spent my final term at Sabic working in their base polycarbonate resin plant with a process improvement function. Overall this co-op helped me to decide that I want my initial career path after college to be in a process improvement/process development role at a chemical manufacturing plant. I have also worked a summer internship at Eastman Chemical Company in their specialty chemicals division with a focus on process improvement. This role gave me a new perspective on the wide range of career possibilities that different chemical companies can offer with the same work enjoyment.

I am passionate about continually learning new things, from 3-D printing and electronics to disc golf. Always wanting to learn more and improve yourself in many ways can lead to new opportunities that can make life more enjoyable. Other than these things, I also enjoy hiking, being in the mountains, playing various video games, and playing pick-up matches of soccer.

All in all, life is full of great learning opportunities and to me, that's why engineering is great. You will never run out of new things to learn about and discover. These ideals were greatly emphasized at my co-op and internship opportunities when I realized just how little I had actually learned about engineering from school alone.

Chris Leonard

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