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Spencer Moody

Spencer Moody

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Company: Greenleaf Industries, Eastman Chemical Company
  • Graduation Year: 2025
  • E-mail:


I am a Junior in mechanical engineering and have the privilege of serving two internships at different companies. The first company I worked at, Greenleaf Industries, is about 40 minutes away from The University of Tennessee. Greenleaf Industries is a polyinjection molding company. There, I worked in quality control. I maintained and calibrated equipment, took data samples to determine product quality, and performed various other relevant tasks to the manufacturing environement.

My most recent internship was at Eastman. Eastman is a massive manufacturing company who produces various chemicals, plastics, and is also pushing the future of plastic recycling forward in a process called methanolysis. At Eastman, I was responsible for developing pipe and instrumentation diagrams, drawing isometric of pipe layouts, and specing out various equipment to be used. During my time at Eastman, I was also tasked with designing several safety and manufacturing components using computer aided design.

These internship experiences have significantly contributed to my success as a student. Furthermore these opportunities have significantly aided in my development as an engineer in a true manufacturing environment.

Spencer Moody

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