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Zachary Koller wearing a respiratory mask and other personal protective equipment while working in a controlled environment within an enclosed piece of machinery.

Student Spotlight: Zachary Koller

MABE senior Zachary Koller completed a co-op work assignment with Beehive Industries during the summer of 2023. Koller learned and applied industry relevant skills including project management, logistics, and production methodology.

My name is Zachary Koller. I am an undergraduate senior in mechanical engineering, and this summer I had the opportunity to work for Beehive Industries, an additive manufacturing company, in their Knoxville facility.

My position consisted of working on projects spanning across multiple departments involving engineering and the production of additively manufactured parts for various industries. I worked on projects that assisted the production of parts and improved process infrastructure. I collaborated closely with colleagues in departments including engineering, project management, quality, machining, additive manufacturing technicians, logistics, and postprocessing. I was also able to gain hands-on experience with LPBF printers and the various tasks required to turn metal powders into fully functioning parts.

As someone who has never worked in manufacturing before, there was lots to learn to understand standard processes of production. On top of that, I had to grasp the nuances and specialized procedures that come with additive manufacturing metal components. My colleagues were consistently available for me to ask them any questions I had while I was taught the ins and outs of their manufacturing systems. One of the many key lessons I learned during my time with Beehive Industries was to always ask questions when given the opportunity, as it greatly increased my understanding and efficiency working towards completing my projects.

I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in the growing industry of additive manufacturing. Stop in the Engineering Professional Practice Office and talk with an ambassador or coordinator to help you with your future co-op/internship needs!

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